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Horror Games Characters

Publicado septiembre 8, 2018 por Raquel G.Dopico.


I leave you a new illustration.
Lately has given me for horror games so it has been inevitable to draw of that.
I did brushes tests with this drawing, I was inspired by posters of “Love Live!”.
In case you are interested I tell you the names of the characters and the name of their game:
♦Baldi- Baldi’s Basics
♦Chara- Undertale
♦Purple guy (William Afton)- Five nights at Freddy’s
♦Aya Drevis- Mad Father
♦Ib- Ib
♦Goldia- Pocket Mirror
♦Viola- The witch’s House
♦Mary – Dreaming Mary
♦Bendy- Bendy and the Ink Machine
♦Jennifer Simpson- Clock Tower
♦Madotsuki- Yume Nikki
♦Monika – Doki Doki Literarure Club!
I hope you like it!

~Little Work in Progress:

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