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Horror Games Characters

Publicado septiembre 8, 2018 por Raquel G.Dopico.


I leave you a new illustration.
Lately has given me for horror games so it has been inevitable to draw of that.
I did brushes tests with this drawing, I was inspired by posters of “Love Live!”.
In case you are interested I tell you the names of the characters and the name of their game:
♦Baldi- Baldi’s Basics
♦Chara- Undertale
♦Purple guy (William Afton)- Five nights at Freddy’s
♦Aya Drevis- Mad Father
♦Ib- Ib
♦Goldia- Pocket Mirror
♦Viola- The witch’s House
♦Mary – Dreaming Mary
♦Bendy- Bendy and the Ink Machine
♦Jennifer Simpson- Clock Tower
♦Madotsuki- Yume Nikki
♦Monika – Doki Doki Literarure Club!
I hope you like it!

~Little Work in Progress:

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Videogame girls -1

Publicado noviembre 8, 2016 por Raquel G.Dopico.


He hecho una recopilación de seis personajes de videojuegos femeninos, entre ellas de mis favoritas, las tres de arriba son de juegos más actuales y las de abajo son de juegos más antiguos.
Quise darles un toque erótico, estoy perfeccionando este estilo.
Seguramente haga otra ronda de personajes.

I’ve made a compilation of six female characters of videogames, among them my favorite, he three above are most current games and below are from older games.
I wanted to give them an erotic touch, I’m perfecting this style.
Surely I’ll make another round of characters.

– Aurora (Child of Light)
– Elphelt Valentine (Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-)
– Garnet Til Alexandros 17th (Final Fantasy IX)
– Jennifer Simpson (Clock Tower)
– Kara (Illusion of Time/Gaia)
– Marle (Chrono Trigger).

aurora elphelt garnetsexy jennifersimpsons kara marle

Some work in progress:
garnetsexy_lineart  garnetsexy_base garnetsexy_degradados yjyu
effff marleboceto marlelineart


Adobe Photoshop CS4
Manga Studio 5.0

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